Allergic to Too Much

Allergic to Too Much

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Allergic to Too Much

Hostess: Thanks for calling Doug’s Donuts Diner, can I make it easier to?

Man: Yeah, I’d wish to make a reservation for 2 this Friday evening.

Hostess: Completely, sir. It could be my pleasure to help you with this. And what time would you want to affix us for dinner on Friday.

Man: Any time between 6:30 and 9:00 is okay. We’re not choosy.

Hostess: Okay, sir, thanks. Ummm… I can get you in at 7:45, will that work?

Man: Oh, yeah, that’s excellent, thanks!

Hostess: After all, what’s your identify and a contact quantity.

Man: My identify is Willy Shocker and my quantity is 867-5309.

Hostess: Excellent. And in an effort to make this a beautiful evening for you and your visitor, are there any allergic reactions we must always find out about or are you celebrating something particular that night?

Man: Truly, it’s our third anniversary!

Hostess: That’s fantastic. I’ll let the chef know and we’ll see if she will be able to provide you with one thing particular for the 2 of you.

Man: Oh, man, thanks! That’s very nice of you.

Hostess: And what about any allergic reactions.

Man: Sure, my spouse is extraordinarily allergic to nuts. Like, if she even will get close to one, her throat swells up and her face will get all pinched and crimson. She kinda appears to be like like a tomato that’s nearly pop open from rot. And, , I don’t actually wanna have a look at that on my anniversary, so no nuts please.

Hostess: Okay… no nuts.

Man: Oh, and dairy too. That provides her hives throughout her chest and because it’s our anniversary on Friday I hope to get to play together with her enjoyable luggage sooner or later that evening, so when you might inform the chef to keep away from dairy, that’d be nice.

Hostess: Will do. I’ll inform the chef. Thanks for call-

Man: And no gluten or mushrooms. Gluten givers her the runs. And she or he’s probably not allergic to mushrooms, however I hate them, so I don’t wanna attempt to be making out together with her later with some skanky ass mushroom breath, so simply inform him that too.

Hostess: Our chef is a lady, however I’ll inform her.

Man: Actually? A woman chef? Bizarre.

Hostess: Is there the rest?

Man: Yeah, she’s additionally allergic to wi-fi and electrical energy, so when you might simply seat us away from the router or any electrical retailers, that’d be nice.

Hostess: She’s allergic to electrical energy, sir?

Man: No, no, no, probably not allergic to it, simply delicate. Makes her all shaky. However don’t fear, it’s our anniversary and I bought my very own methods to make her shaky that don’t contain electrical energy, what I imply?

Hostess: We’ll see you Friday at 7:45.

Man: And if I can’t make her shaky, we bought one thing else that does and it makes use of batteries.

Hostess: Good bye.

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