How to earn money online with Facebook

How to earn money online with Facebook

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Do you use facebook? Do you want earn money from facebook? If yes, you are in the roght place. In this article, I am going to share some easy and effective methods to earn money from facebook. You can use any of these methods to earn a handsome income.

Some ways are enlisted here to make you aware of how to earn money online with Facebook

  • Facebook Page

By creating a quality page on Facebook, you can earn money in billions. You just need to set a genre and start posting content related to it. Maintain your communication with the brand or company you are promoting.

  • Selling Products

You can also earn money by selling products on Facebook. This is done by creating offers. Put the links of your products and offer discounts.

  • Facebook Freelancer

Another way of earning money with Facebook is by selling your skills. This can be done by becoming a freelance Facebook marketer. You have to know which content will be more suitable in which situation.

  • Influencer

If people get influenced by your profile or the posts, you will be getting paid. So, you can also be an influencer and earn money.

  • App Development

You can develop an independent facebook app and apply for different ads. This will help you in making money.

  • Selling accounts

You can make more than one account and sell one of them. Older accounts get more weightage.

  • Groups

Create a group of more than 10k people and discuss an important niche. Keep everyone interactive. You can earn money in this way.


If you want to make money from an easy method,you can use facebook as a tool to earn money. No one feels bore while using facebook,that’s why you can earn as much income as you want.

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