Reasons to Study in Australia

Reasons to Study in Australia

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Students who possess a rare gift of talent want to proceed their studies abroad. Australia, a country located in the southern hemisphere, is one of the most attractive educational hubs. The country has a rich culture and a population of about 25 million people. Australia’s ancient history and vibrant culture entice international students to choose it as a study destination.

Reasons to Study in Australia

Education is the key factor behind the reputation and social uplift of a country. In this regard, Australia stands at a higher rank. Most of the people in Australia are highly educated, and the country performs better than most of the countries at the index of higher education. The literacy rate of the country is very high, reaching almost 100%. Moreover, the state provides world-class education with minimum tuition charges. Who would not like to study on a favourable budget where quality education is guaranteed? The excellence of quality of teaching and reasonable expenditures are the prime reasons behind a considerable number of international students who continue their studies in Australia with zeal and enthusiasm.

Tuition Fee in Australia

Many factors play a part to determine the costs of your study in a foreign country. If you join a government sector educational institution to study in Australia, it will not prove too expensive. However, privately-owned institutions are likely to charge you a lot of amounts. Usually, for a bachelor’s degree at a government university, an international student spends approximately A$ 15000 to A$ !8000. It will increase to A$ 20000 for a master’s degree. However, there is good news for those students who want to do English language courses. An international student can complete English language courses at A$ 300 per week.

Health Insurance and Visa

Students who intend to study in Australia should also take into account health insurance and visa expenditures. Apart from tuition fees, a little part of the money goes to cover health insurance. Students need not spare substantial amounts for health insurance. Universities in Australia also provide significant funds to cover health-related expenditures. Furthermore, pursuing education in Australia demands a student visa.  The student visa allows completing a five-year degree at any university in the country. Health insurance and visa process do not put much strain on your pocket.

Best Cities to Study in Australia

Every international student wishes to study in Sydney. It is the largest city of Australia which boasts for world-class educational institutions and provision of quality education. Sydney offers residence to the 65% population of Australia hence most of the foreigner’s head towards this city for education. Moreover, Melbourne and Brisbane are well-known cities for extraordinary culture and ancient civilisation. International students like to be part of the educational institution in these noted cities of Australia.

In short, international students should study in Australia for their bright future. Getting an education in Australia helps you enhance your potential as a student and prepares for the professional career ahead. Moreover, Australian institutions provide standard education at cheap costs.


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